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Solo Online Exhibition ARemy 08 - 21 Feb 2021
Hong-Lee Curator

Solo Online Exhibition ARemy 08 - 21 Feb 2021

CLICK HERE - ARemy (french artist) Born in January 1972, ARemy is a painter whose canvases can be defined by colours, movements, light, but above all the poetry that emerges from them. ARemy spent her childhood and adolescence divided between France where she is from, Africa and South America, then the United States. Travels and landscapes engraved in her mind that pervade her paintings. Far from the only aesthetic research, ARemy considers a canvas as a receptacle of emotions, those of the public but also those of the artist. Inspired by nature and its glimpses of lights, shapes, lines, colours that surround us and mingle with each other. She seeks to transcribe emotions that emerge from them. Furtive emotions that express and overlap in her painting and give all their depth and strength to her artworks. When she starts a canvas, she does not know what would be the final result. Large formats allow an overflowing and limitless means of expression. In a succession of layers, the colours come and go and are overlaid. They disappear in part, definitively or momentarily. The material is generally moulded with a knife. ARemy stretched, scraped, caressed it with light and tiny movements, to create contrasts, transparencies, shapes. Until harmony and balance come as one. Video by HongLee Curator Music by #onlineexhibition #soloexhibition #abstractart #frenchartist #curator
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