Qiuchi CHEN


Qiuchi CHEN’s works are schemas composed of picture symbol of human head. These ‘symbols’ are accumulating and expanding as virus, or guffaw or outcry, so as to express the difficult choice of human in development. That is, whether human are to choose peaceful and environmental protection development, or the war and development at the expense of damaging the environment.


The swelling desire of human, crazy development in armaments and science and technology, and inequality in human right, pollution of environment and crisis of energy, etc., pestering the world like plague.


It is undeniable that, the technology that we have known is only one of the methods that people know and transform the world rather than the sole method. However, the concept of technology has penetrated in people’s mind and each field of life. People’s minds are controlled by modern technology and their own desire unconsciously…… Just as that said by Einstein: “Where do we come from, where is the human heading for?”

His paintbrush gives such a long sigh, trying to arouse the love in human heart through my works and their conscience that is in sound sleep, so as to make the globe where human and other animals are inhibited remain peace and vitality……

As some well-known reasons, Qiuchi CHEN can only mail some works including oil paintings on the shelf, digital images and sculptures from 1998 to the present to your organization. He sincerely expect that he has the chance of cooperating with your organization and let more people to see his works.

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2018  Great Eight Territories Asia Art Exposition World Peace Art Festival    Media Arts Center  Beijing  


2016  SCOPE Art Fair  New York                                                


2011  SCOPE Art Fair  Sportplatz Landhof,Basel                   

2011  “Fresh cream”   London 

2011  “Any difference? China”  Roman Gallery, Seoul, Korea                   


2010  Newcastle/Gateshead art fair Newcastle

2010 “BraveNew World,Contemporary Chinese Art” opus Art,Newcoastle UK       


2009  “Songzhuang Artist Exhibition’---Songzhuang Art Festival V”Wansheng Gallery  

2009  “Seoul International Art Fair”, Seoul, Korea

2009  “Sino-Korea Artist Exchange Exhibition in Memory of Establishment of Relation between China and Korea ”

           Shangshang Art Gallery    Beijing“

2009  Beijing Contemporary International Arts Exhibition”-789 Art Center  Beijing

2009  “The Time of Songzhuang” Exhibition II, Beijing 

2008   KIA “Korea International Art Fair”, Seoul, Korea 

2008  “Works of Contemporary Artist Exhibition” Opus Gallary, Longdon UK      

2008  “Transcendental 100%”——Pristine decades Songzhuang Art Exhibition   Beijing

2008  “Cologne International Art Fair” Korean PHILP KANG Gallery, Cologne Germany

2008  “Contemporary Chinese Artist Exhibition”, Berlin, Germany

2008  “Original Story’ of Songzhuang Art Festival IV”, Beijing

2008  “The 3rd Tour Exhibition of ‘the First Generation of Songzhuang’”, Beijing

2008  “Kounter Kulture”  TrumanBrewery, London,UK

2008  “Port of East Coast Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing    


2007  “The Time of Songzhuang’ Exhibition I”, Beijing

2007  “Life—Visual Art Exhibition of Songzhuang Artist Community III”, Beijing    


2006  “Stress —— Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing

2006  “Free Art Exhibition —— Songzhuang Art Festival II”, Beijing

2006  “Shut up—— Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing

2006  “LP Exhibition”  ArtStatements Gallary, Shanghai

2006  “Touching the Freedom of Your Body and Mind--Contemporary Art Exhibition”  BJ 

2005  “Life —— Visual Art Exhibition of SongZhuang II”, Beijing

2005  “Uselessness —— Contemporary”, Beijing

2005  “speak or act on hearsay evidance”——Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing

2005  “The Course of Songzhuang- Contemporary Art Exhibition Songzhuagn Art and Culture Festival”, Beijing 


2004  “Made in Village——Art Exhibition of Artist in SongZhuang”, Beijing      

2004  “Life——Visual Art Exhibition of SongZhuang”, Beijing

2004  “China ‘QuangCong’ Exhibition”  SongZhuang Artist Community, Beijing

2004  “China Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing     


2003  “six person joint Art Exhibition”, Beijing China

2003  “Heart of Chip——Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing

2003  “‘Space time’ Art Exhibition”, Beijing     


2002  “Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing 


2001  “China Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition”  the National Art Gallary, Beijing     


1996  “China Scenery painting Exhibition”   the National Art Gallary, Beijing     


1995  “Northeasten Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition”, ShenYang